Tuesday, May 28

Painted Gourd Birdhouse DIY YouTube Video

Hi everyone!

I completed another gourd crafting video for you to enjoy and make something beautiful for your garden. It's a birdhouse painted in green with a checkered board roof and decorated with ladybugs and daisies. In the video I show how I painted the birdhouse step by step so that you can follow along with me or take my tips and apply them to your own cheerful summertime design. Have fun with it. Any questions? Just leave a comment here on my blog or leave a video comment on YouTube.

Thursday, May 16

How to Start Your Own Tomato Plants from Seed YouTube Video

I have completed another gardening video! I have started so many plants from seed this year (would you believe in the hundred thousands?) and it made me think that I should be sharing what I've learned with all of you. So I made a step by step video on how I plant tomato seeds for optimum germination. I chose tomatoes because I know everyone loves tomatoes in some way, but also because I believe that when you've grown your own tomato seedlings you will want to start all your plants from seed!

You may wonder why not just purchase tomato plants. I'll give you two good reasons--they are so expensive and you are very limited in variety and flavor. Growing your own tomato seedlings has everything going for it! I know it may seem somewhat of a challenge if you haven't grown anything from seed before, but believe me, it's much easier than you think.

So, let's get started!

Friday, May 3

Daffodil Blooming Time Lapse Video with Bushnell Camera

I did a fun little video of my family's early blooming daffodils. In an average year they would have bloomed in early to mid-April, in time for decorating the table for my parents' anniversary. This year they didn't fully bloom until April 29. I started the Bushnell Camera on April 2nd, and had it take photos every 15 minutes during the daylight hours - a whole month of photos into a minute video. Hope you enjoy! Make sure to visit my YouTube channel for more gardening and crafting videos.