Friday, December 21

Photo Friday: Using Rocks in the Garden

I wanted to show you how I incorporate rocks of all sizes into my garden and what better way than with lots of photos!

My small flower garden is situated in a lush woods under the canopy of two great white oaks. It’s rather a difficult spot to garden due to the shade and lack of water (the trees soak up a lot!), but also because it is right on a rather steep hill. It’s such a beautiful spot overlooking a large lake that I didn’t mind dealing with the difficulties.
One of the first things I did was build dry stack rock walls to brace the soil back and create level garden plots. I made a couple large retaining walls and a couple small ones. I was lucky to have
an endless supply of rocks because of my family’s many acres of farmland.

Here is the longest wall in my garden, which stands about knee high. It is located right on the very top of the hill and is home to most of my larger shrubs.


 Here is the raised bed that serves as the nucleus of my garden. Because I wanted it to draw the eye I made sure to build the walls with boulder-size rocks, choosing some of the most colorful and ornate.


Another view of the large raised bed.

I made sure to choose rocks that brought something beautiful and unique to the garden. I  placed some of my favorite specimens in prominent spots and was careful in deciding where to put them so that they harmonized well with the surrounding flowers and foliage.

A special plant is bordered by some colorful medium sized rocks. Can’t miss the cool “pudding” stone, huh?

A huge limestone rock sits in a corner of my garden, playing off the dark evergreen pachysandra ground cover.

I placed this two toned boulder in the back of my Pieris japonica. Gotta love the moss!

This rock serves as the backdrop to my pink tiger lilies. The quartz vein makes it extra special.

I not only made rocks walls, raised beds, and small borders for special plants, but I also dug in small stones to make quaint garden paths and stepping stones.

This stone path, which runs along my long rock wall on top of the hill, is quite narrow to add to the quaint feel of my garden.

I made stepping stones with small stones I dug into the ground. This wide path separates my ostrich ferns with the large raised bed in the middle of my garden.

Here is a close-up of one of the stepping stones.

 A large painted rock and stone pedestals serve to incorporate my Faith into the garden.

This rock with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was painted by my sister. I planted a giant bleeding heart to the side of it – fits right in if I do say so myself.


In these two photos you see how I built stone pedestals for a couple religious statues.

Sharing time! What are some of your rock creations?

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