Monday, January 28

Gourd Craft Video Tutorials by Bernadette's Gourd Creations

I put together a Pinterest board in order to collect all the videos I made about gourd crafting into one place for you to view.
1. I show you how to clean the outside of the gourd.
2. I show you how to cut open the gourd and clean the inside.
3. I show you how to use embossing powders on gourds.
4. I show you how to make a Art Deco inspired gourd with wax relief technique and coin shell stitched rim. 5. In my most popular video I show you how to woodburn a gourd with a roof.
6. In this video I show you how to make a decoupaged bird feeder with an original Robin motif.
7. I give you tips on how to attract specific birds to your gourd birdhouse.
8. I show you how to make a real simple birdhouse for Purple Martins.

Saturday, January 26

Quick and Simple Weekend Woodburning Project

Quotes or special words painted on the wall have always caught my interest, but because it is difficult to repaint when the time comes I never cared much for applying the word art myself. However, I recently realized a decorative wooden name plate would be a perfect substitute for directly applying the wall quote. So, after gathering a few supplies I was able to complete the whole project in about an hour as a gift for my sister.

Thursday, January 24

Home-canned Tomato Sauce vs. Store Bought? Any difference?

I just finished reading a post my dad wrote about homemade tomato sauce vs. store bought and thought to share it here on my blog. My dad makes a meatless spaghetti sauce and yesterday we enjoyed a pot full. It was one of the best batches - he even added big chunks of carrots which are stewed in the sauce and pick up all the wonderful flavors for one delicious bite!

See my dad's post here:

See my sister's take on our homemade spaghetti sauce and a delicious Spaghetti bread recipe:

See how we make our homemade tomato sauce on the farm's YouTube channel:

Sunday, January 20

Growing Lettuce in Winter: Part 1

Starting lettuce in winter was successful for us. We transplanted it into a raised bed inside our unheated greenhouse. We covered the raised bed in a low tunnel as well, we then snaked a heating cable through the bed and set out a heat lamp that turned on when it got close to the freezing point. Step by step photos below will show you how we started the lettuce from seed. The interesting thing about this "lettuce-in-winter escapade" is

Saturday, January 19

Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera in action

Bushnell Trophy Cam was found under the Christmas tree this year and we've been checking out the animal night life around here with not much luck. Although we did catch two kitties on video! Yet, over the weekend we set it up in our woods and took video of some deer. Big deal, right? But it was quite entertaining . . . you can see it on my family farm's YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe, too!

Wednesday, January 16

Three DIY Craft Projects in Time for Valentine's

I made three more videos for Prime Publishing, each of them with a subtle Valentine theme. In the playlist below you will find how I made a Faux Etched Mirror with spray paint, how to make a decoupaged heart with pressed flowers, and how to make a hanging flower pot holder with an ice cream bucket. Check them out:

Monday, January 14

Tips and Tricks: Reusing Silica Gel

You know those little packets of silica gel that come in shoe boxes, furniture kits, and many other things you've purchased? Well, I collected a whole bunch of them over the years thinking I would use them to dry flowers without pressing them. I still may do that, but something a bit more practical came around and I found myself needing some silica gel to store clothing and stuffed animals. So, I took those packets I've been collecting for years, poured them all in a foil lined baking pan and dried them out in a 250 degree oven for 4 hours. I then took coffee filters and folded them into little bags, stapling the sides. I filled each bag with about two spoonfuls and closed it up with more staples. I think these will do the job just fine! ♥

Saturday, January 12

My Sisters' Recent Yarn Haul and Their Plans to Knit me a Scarf and Socks!

My sister Rebekah has been knitting and crocheting for quite a few years now and just this year my sister Catherine is getting into the yarn craft as well. They bought a bunch of yarn and did a couple fun little videos of their yarn haul. And guess what, one of Catherine's first projects will be a scarf for me, or more specifically a cowl! Plus, Rebekah's first pair of socks she plans to make are going to be for me - aren't my sisters sweet?

Friday, January 11

Photo Friday: Free Photo Effects to Transform your Garden Photos into Art!

Some photos of your garden are "masterpieces" and others not so much. There is this great online tool that can transform photos using some really neat effects. Why not have some fun today and transform some of those not-so-nice photos (and even a few of those "masterpieces") into some works of art in their own right?

Saturday, January 5

FREE Original Flower Silhouettes and how to make your own

I wanted to make a silhouette of a lily to use for this blog as a post header for one of my regular features. I would like to share with you how simple it was for me to do.

I used Corel Photo-Paint x5 for this, but I've used quite a few other photo editors and the procedure is pretty much the same.

1. Choose a photo with a plant or flower (or whatever may be the subject) that is easy to distinguish the edges.