Thursday, December 13

Profile of a Plant: Pulmonaria or Lungwort

Quick facts about Pulmonaria:

Common names: Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage, Jerusalem Cowslip
Scientific Name: Pulmonaria (pull-moe-NAIR-ee-uh) from the Borage family
Species: P. officinalis (common lungwort), P. augustifolia (blue lungwort), P. longifolia (long-leaved lungwort), P. rubra (red lungwort), P. saccharata (spotted lungwort).
Zones: 3-7 (zone 8 if planted in a cooler microclimate)
Size: 9-18”  high and forming clumps just as wide.
Propagation: Very easy to divide in early spring or fall. Seeds may be collected in early summer and planted right away or saved for next year.
Time of Bloom: Throughout spring