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Profile of a Plant: Pulmonaria or Lungwort

Quick facts about Pulmonaria:

Common names: Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage, Jerusalem Cowslip
Scientific Name: Pulmonaria (pull-moe-NAIR-ee-uh) from the Borage family
Species: P. officinalis (common lungwort), P. augustifolia (blue lungwort), P. longifolia (long-leaved lungwort), P. rubra (red lungwort), P. saccharata (spotted lungwort).
Zones: 3-7 (zone 8 if planted in a cooler microclimate)
Size: 9-18”  high and forming clumps just as wide.
Propagation: Very easy to divide in early spring or fall. Seeds may be collected in early summer and planted right away or saved for next year.
Time of Bloom: Throughout spring

Other Interest: Leaves are eye catching and serve as a wonderful ground cover for shady areas.
Conditions: Does best in partial to full shade in rich, moist, soil. Will tolerate drought after established. Leaves stay healthy all season long if protected from the hot afternoon sun and kept moist. 
Native Region: Europe and western Asia, Europe and western Asia, with one species (P. mollissima) east to central Asia.

My story:

One of my new favorite plants is the lungwort. About four years ago I decided to purchase a few through Koby and Company Perennials even though they were not named varieties. I purchased from her before and knew her plants to be of excellent quality.  I planted the lungwort under the shade of a big white oak and it flourished. I divided the plant a year after, and a year after that. The flowers are so small but they have this beautiful transition of colors (pink, purple, blue) that have quite bedazzled me. When the blooms have faded away the leaves spotted in sage green keep the party going. The dark and light green hues on one plant makes this plant perfect for any shady corner of my garden as it can play off any color scheme and brighten up dark corners.

I invite you to share your story!

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