Friday, January 11

Photo Friday: Free Photo Effects to Transform your Garden Photos into Art!

Some photos of your garden are "masterpieces" and others not so much. There is this great online tool that can transform photos using some really neat effects. Why not have some fun today and transform some of those not-so-nice photos (and even a few of those "masterpieces") into some works of art in their own right?

I'll use this photo of a pink rose (I wish I knew the cultivar name, all I know is that it's been there for a loooong time)! 
And now come the artistic effects:

A Pencil Drawing

A Pencil Drawing on Black Paper (looks like a scratch board drawing, too)

"Cartoon" effect, I don't like the name but it certainly looks pretty sweet.

Colored Pencil Drawing - I wish I can get the colors more vibrant, but it's interesting.

Vexel Drawing - does anyone know what that means? Cool, whatever it is.

Oil Paint - need to see the strokes better.

Modernist Painting - one of my favorites. :)

Light Effect

And then the strangest, the Stone Effect. I like it.

So, what do you think? Just a note about Picture to People. It's a site that not only generates photo effects for free, but also text effects. I best should tell you here that I had a problem with saving the photos to my computer and I am not sure why. Is it the picture generator, my browser, or something else? So, to get around that I just copied the photo and pasted it into my photo editor.

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