Saturday, January 26

Quick and Simple Weekend Woodburning Project

Quotes or special words painted on the wall have always caught my interest, but because it is difficult to repaint when the time comes I never cared much for applying the word art myself. However, I recently realized a decorative wooden name plate would be a perfect substitute for directly applying the wall quote. So, after gathering a few supplies I was able to complete the whole project in about an hour as a gift for my sister.


Wooden name plate. (I used this ONE, but you can use whatever you like.)
Quote pattern. (Use mine I made!)
Graphite paper and a stylus, (or blunt pencil) plus some masking tape.
Hobby woodburner with universal tip. (I decided to use a woodburner rather than paint because it's so much quicker and I just like working with it!)
Oil or wax colored pencils.
Shellac or other varnish with disposable brush.
Hanging supplies: small eye hooks and string.

Resize pattern to fit your wooden board. Place graphite paper on board with pattern on top and attach with masking tape. Use stylus and trace over the pattern.

Here I finished transferring the pattern.

Use the sharp side of the woodburning tip to burn the straight lines like shown.

To burn the smaller letters and details use the side of the tip at the very top. There is no need to apply much pressure, but rather be gentle and move slowly. The slower you move the woodburner, the darker the lines will be. Regulate it to your preference. Tip: After I was done woodburning I erased all the graphite lines using fine grit sandpaper.

You can color the letters and design with oil pencils like I did; or you may use wax colored pencils, dye, or even some acrylic paint. An electric pencil sharpener is best when sharpening soft pencils such as the oil or wax kind.

Use small eye hooks and a bit of string to make the hanger.

Seal the wood with a couple coats of shellac. Let it dry and display your quote wherever you like!

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